Coach Rules for Competition




Please remember the following rules for M.A.C. events:

  1. Register with M.A.C. at beginning of event.
  2. There will be a coach’s meeting at before competition to ask last minute questions and for M.A.C. to clarify some issues.
  3. A garbage bag and a seating plan will be provided keep your area clean and cheerleaders only.
  4. No smoking!
  5. Time limits, penalty points and boundaries are in effect, please read your rules for details.
  6. There will be no set lunch however canteen may be provided.
  7. Please limit movement in seating area out of respect for teams and judges.
  8. NO practicing in halls, gym, etc. Use designated practice area.
  9. Know your rules!, If unsure call.
  10. M.A.C. spotters will be available on the floor.
  11. No music boxes or ghettos in the gym.
  12. Please set up quickly and remove props promptly after competing.
  13. Fill out any and all forms completely for all M.A.C. events.
  14. Any questions, call the M.A.C. Office at email us: info@cheermanitoba.

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