About Us

The Manitoba Association of Cheerleading (M.A.C.) was established in 1986.  M.A.C. works as a not for profit organization to act as a regulating body for cheerleading in Manitoba. We strive to encourage cheerleaders to have respect for their sport, and thus gain respect of the sport from others, while providing a network system for people interested in cheerleading. We are not affiliated with any other cheerleading organization within the province of Manitoba.

This website was designed for cheerleaders, coaches, and anyone else interested in learning about this exciting sport. We are always looking for new ideas and believe that interaction between coaches, teams, and anyone else involved is important to the growth of cheerleading in Manitoba. We welcome your ideas and will be glad to post information on cheerleading you would like to see on this site.

M.A.C. adheres to guidelines set forth by the Manitoba High School Athletic Association.

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