PRESIDENT: Patricia McNeill

* 30 years’ experience in cheerleading.
* President of the Manitoba Association of Cheerleading (MAC), since 2002.
* Volunteer Executive Board member with MAC for 25 years. (Event Production, By Laws, Rules and Regulations, Safety, Judges Certification, Score Sheets, Media and Production and Fundraising).
* UPA Cheer and Dance, Regional Director.
* Current Executive Board Member with Cheer Canada Inc. (C.C.I.)- one of the inaugural attendees. Additionally worked on C.C.I. Committees for Governance, Rules, Safety and Judging.
* USASF Certified Level 3.
* Co-wrote a coaching manual based upon the National Coaching Certification Program (N.C.CP.) and American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administrators (A.A.C.C.A.), for a training and certification program for Manitoba coaches.
* Worked with Sport Manitoba to accept cheerleading as a sport in their legislation in 2008. Continuously working to have the Manitoba Cheer Governing Body recognized.
* Assisted with Montreal Nationals.
* Continuing with the fourth year of assisting teams at High School Worlds in Florida.
* Worked collaboratively with the International Cheer Union (I.C.U.) to secure a Partial-Paid Bid, and an At-Large bid to the High School World Cheerleading Championship (H.S.W.C.C.) in Florida, for the past 5 years.
* Secured an Open Worlds Bid for the athletes in Manitoba, pending an increase in competition team attendance.
* Inaugural member with U.S.A.S.F., working closely with certification to ensure credentialing is administered and upheld.
* Organized the Cheer Team and Performance for the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg.
* Supporter of the Respect in Sport and Heads-Up Concussion program since its inception in Manitoba.
* Previous judging experience in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.
* Works closely with School Division Board Offices and Physical Education Coordinators to build cheer programs, and assist with annual sports meetings and planning.
* Long term supporter of Open, All-Star and Recreational Teams.
* Coached Westwood Collegiate High School Cheer, 20 years.
* Former Member of the Blue Bomber Lightning Cheer team (professional football).
* Former Co-Captain of Winnipeg Thunder High Performance Cheer and Dance Team (professional basketball).
* Former High school cheerleader for Westwood Collegiate.
* 10 years’ experience in Financial Services and Human Resources at the University of Manitoba.
* Previous Owner-Operator of a National Corporate Retail Business (Shell).
* Experience with major corporate mergers, inclusive of financial, legal and accounting documents.
* Board Member and Volunteer Soccer Coach and Convener for a local community club (Deer Lodge C.C).
* Volunteer facility rental chair for the Deer Lodge Community Club (Responsible for hall rental, coordination of volunteer community groups, fee collection and maintenance).
* Former Mrs. Canada United Nations 2002 (a pageant based on community volunteerism).
* Executive Assistant for Manitoba Harvest, overseeing Vice-President Operations, VP Marketing, VP Sales, CFO and daily plant operations. Responsible for Human Resources and Payroll.
* Bachelor of Arts, University of Manitoba, Major in English. After-Degree in Geography and Math.



* 35 year experience in Cheerleading
* USASF Level 4 Certification
* Former Ontario Cheerleading Federation (O.C.F.) Executive Member
* NorWOSSA Cheerleading Representative
* High school coach and athlete
* University of Guelph Varsity Cheerleader and Captain
* Director, Kenora All Star Cheerleading
* Head Coach, Bronco Cheerleading (Beaver Brae Secondary School)
* 2013 National Champions : Bronco Cheerleading
* Kenora Sports Hall of Fame: Builder Award
* Owen Sound Sports Hall of Fame: Athlete
* 21 years teaching experience in First Nations, Special Education, Elementary and Secondary
* Special Education Area Leader, Beaver Brae Secondary School



* 25 years cheerleading, inclusive of 18 years coaching experience
* 8 years dance experience
* 2012-Present: USASF Coaching Certification in Tumbling, Stunts and Tosses- Level 5
* 2015-Present: City of Winnipeg, Leisure Guide Cheer, Coed, L1- Coach
* 2012-Present: M.A.C. Competition Routine Judge
* 2007-Present: Wolves Elite Stunt, Coed, L6- Program Director, Coach and Athlete
* 2003-Present: M.A.C. Skills Team Demonstrator and Athlete
* 2003-2016: M.A.C. Member at Large
* 2011-2012: Outlaws Stunt Team, Coed, L6- Assistant and Athlete
* 2008-2009: Central Cheer Green Jackets, AG, L6- Athlete
* 2006: Stiz Pro Cheer and Stunt Team, Vancouver, Coed, L6- Athlete
* 2003-2006: University of Manitoba Cheer Team, Coed, L6- Captain, Administrator & Athlete
* 2005: Dakota Collegiate (High School)- Co-Coach
* 1999-2003: Ness Junior High- Co-Coach
* 1999: Pan Am Cheerleading Team, Coed- Athlete
* 1997-1999: Silver Heights Collegiate (High School)- Athlete
* 1992-1995: Brooklands Junior High- Athlete
* 12 Years Marketing and Promotional Experience with International Companies.
* Speaks Basic French.
* Teacher- St. James-Assiniboia Division, and formerly Prairie Rose School Division
* Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts- Advanced English Major, Psychology Minor.



* 19 years cheerleading experience in both Canada and the U.S.
* Executive Member with M.A.C. for 5 years
* M.A.C. Competitions Deductions Judge
* Certification of event planning and management
* Building Coordinator at the University of Manitoba



* 28 years of Cheerleading experience
* Executive Member with M.A.C. for 9 years
* 21 years of Judging at M.A.C. Competitions as Routine Judge
* Former Judges and Standards with M.A.C. 3 years
* Former Coach- University of Manitoba
* Former Winnipeg Cyclone Dance Team member (Adult team)
* Former Cheerleader with Sturgeon Creek Collegiate (High School)
* Former Coach- Silver Heights Collegiate (High School)
* Former Coach- Crocus Plains High School
* Former Coach- Vincent Massey High School {WPG}
* NCA Certified
* PCA Certified
* Medical Office Assistance



Deborah Allan- North-Western Ontario

Angela Reina-Olazabal- South-Eastern MB

Jackie Monteith- Northern MB

Charwin Dahl- Winnipeg


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