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Each year, Cheer Manitoba awards various members of the community who have made a difference in the cheer community by either being positive role models, by volunteering their time or just simply leading by example. Here is a list of our annual awards. These awards are handed out at the end of the cheer season. Nominations open up in February.

Cheer Manitoba Awards

Trailblazer Award

2023 Recepients:

Brittany and Scott Kuz

This person has positively influenced the cheer community as a whole and the growth of the sport of cheerleading within Manitoba to help make it what it is today.

Ruth Hollonquist Sportsmanship

2023 Recipients:

Bennett Nohavicka

Stella Rose Oligny

This athlete is encouraging and supportive of their teammates.  They consistently display a positive attitude, they are respectful of other teams and show sportsmanship when attending various events throughout the year.  They are a role model demonstrating the desired spirit of our community and sport.

Coach of the Year

2023 Recipient:

Joan McNeilly

Mariell Barratt

This coach exemplifies an outstanding leadership and coaching style.  They are in good standing with Cheer Manitoba and Cheer Canada. They support and foster a positive and safe learning environment within their team and program.  They motivate and inspire athletes in unique and caring ways.  They go above and beyond for their athletes, coaching mentors and entire cheer family.

Junior Coaches of the Year

2023 Recipient:s

Nora Hansen

Teagan Ross

This athlete is working under the guidance and careful watch of experienced certified coaches.  They are learning the fundamentals of coaching, creating practice plans, learning the basics of safe sport and motivating athletes.  They work hard to learn about skill development, the scoring systems and all that comes with being a leader!

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