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Each year, Cheer Manitoba hands out special awards to members of the cheer community who go above and beyond for our sport.  These awards are handed out annually at our Provincial Championships.

Trailblazer Award

This person has positively influenced the cheer community as a whole and the growth of the sport of cheerleading within Manitoba to help make it what it is today.

2024 recipient:
Bailey Campbell (CIA)

Bailey began her cheer career as an athlete but soon went on to coach, serve on the provincial board, and even became a judge. Bailey judges cheerleading events across Canada and is very respected in this role. According to those who nominated her, she is a positive role model who provides a safe and body positive space for athletes. She continues to be a champion for the sport making sure there is room for everyone in cheerleading, no matter what a person's background or financial situation might be. Bailey works hard to make sure everyone feels accepted in the sport.

Congrats on this milestone, Bailey!

Ruth Hollonquist
Sportsmanship Awards

This athlete is encouraging and supportive of their teammates. They consistently display a positive attitude, they are respectful of other teams and show sportsmanship when attending various events throughout the year. They are a role model demonstrating the desired spirit of our community and sport.


2024 scholastic recipient:
Sofia Correia (Maples Pom)

Sofia is always the first to congratulate athletes from other teams. No matter what placement she receives at a competition, she is positive and gracious. When asked what it meant to be a captain for her team she said: "For me, the title of captain doesn't mean I'm the best or better than my team. To me it means that I am lucky to be able to share my dream and help my teammates build new skills and build our team. We are all equals, we are a team."

2024 scholastic recipient:
Lucie Brotelle
(Oak Park Pom)

At the beginning of the year, Oak Park Pom had a low number of people at their first tryout (to the point where they did not know if they would have a team). But Lucie, a first year pom athlete, went around and advertised tryouts to people urging them to come out and join. She is an international student who is only in Canada for her grade 12 year. One of her main goals coming to Canada is that she wanted to dance with pom poms like she had seen on TV. She is one of the main reasons Oak Park had a pom team this year! 


2024 all-star recipient:
Airylyn Williams (CIA)

Airylyn always looks out for the other athletes at her gym. She has a positive attitude and loves the sport so much. She doesn't consider a competition only a place to compete but an opportunity to showcase the skills you've learned that year. She leads by example and embodies sportsmanship. Congrats, Airylyn!

2024 all-star recipient:
Cruz Davis (CIA)

 Cruz is always making his team laugh, lifting spirits in the gym and sharing positive words of encouragement. With Recon and SWAT he is like the big brother, going above and beyond to make his teammates laugh, picking them up when they are down and trying to incorporate his football chants with SWAT which always calms their nerves right before they compete. With only five other boys in the program, all being younger than him, he is always an amazing role model and is there to support them.


Coach of the Year Awards

This coach exemplifies an outstanding leadership and coaching style.  They are in good standing with Cheer Manitoba and Cheer Canada. They support and foster a positive and safe learning environment within their team and program.  They motivate and inspire athletes in unique and caring ways.  They go above and beyond for their athletes, coaching mentors and entire cheer family.


2024 scholastic recipient:
Autumn Ryden
(Westdale School
and Oak Park Cheer)

Autumn works so hard to create engaging opportunities for her athletes. This year, more than half of her 31 athletes are brand new to cheer and she has gone above and beyond to introduce the sport in an exciting way; celebrating successes and pushing her team to accomplish goals.


Autumn is a volunteer coach of two teams that practice at 7am. She gives her time to these athletes nearly every morning of the week in practices and spends countless hours outside of practice making plans for her athletes. On top of this, Autumn is head coach at Westdale and leads a team of new coaches, junior coaches, and brand new teacher advisors. While it's wonderful to have the extra help, managing a large coaching team and keeping everyone engaged and feeling that their contributions are valuable is a daunting task that she handles with grace. 

2024 all-star recipient:
Kamille Wieler (CIA)

Kamille dedicates so much time to the sport of cheerleading - driving 2 hours to get to the gym and has even been known to sleep at the gym in order to ensure she is ready for an early morning practice.

Due to scheduling conflicts, CIA did not have a pom coach available this year so Kamille stepped in and took on that responsibility as well. Kamille is extremely respectful, she preaches sportsmanship, integrity, and healthy relationships. She strives to make cheer a safe space for her athletes, one where they know they are valued and an integral part of the team. Everything that Kamille embodies and provides to our gym and sport deserves to be acknowledged for everyone to see. Our gym would not be the same if she wasn’t a part of it.  


Junior Coach of the Year Awards

This athlete is working under the guidance and careful watch of experienced certified coaches.  They are learning the fundamentals of coaching, creating practice plans, learning the basics of safe sport and motivating athletes.  They work hard to learn about skill development, the scoring systems and all that comes with being a leader!


2024 recipient:
Emma Hasanovic (CIA)

Coaching a young team is not easy as they tend to have a short attention span, but Emma has patience working with these young athletes and a great approach for running practices to keep them engaged while still learning the fundamentals of cheer and the base movements. She adapts the practice plan to her athletes needs and can keep them listening for an hour and a half twice a week.


She is always active and playing with the athletes making sure they are having fun while still learning the sport fundamentals.

2024 recipient:
McKenna Chuhai (PCA)

McKenna is always her authentic self. She is funny, silly, encouraging, an amazing athlete, showcases the importance of fitness in the sport, asks for help when needed, and she cultivates a feeling of family. She knows her abilities and is never scared to ask for help.


McKenna makes each and every athlete feel special. To her, they are a part of her cheer family. Specifically, she remembers details about their life outside of cheer and asks about them, she checks in when they are not themselves, she encourages them but also pushes them to be their best.

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