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In order to become a certified judge with Cheer Manitoba, you must attend the annual Cheer Manitoba Judges' Training. This training is open to anyone interested. The Judges Training Curriculum is set forth by Cheer Canada. Current coaches or parents of current competitive athletes will not be hired for Cheer Manitoba events but may have the opportunity to judge in other provinces.

Judging applicants must meet the following requirements before submitting an application:

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must have cheerleading experience (athlete, coaching or judging) or relatable sport experience (dance, figure skating, etc.).

  • Must have attended/plan to attend a Cheer Manitoba Judges' Training.

  • Prospective judges must apply, attend Cheer Manitoba training, and pass applicable discipline examinations before being approved as a Manitoba Judge.

  • Must be a member in good standing with Cheer Manitoba and Cheer Canada.

  • Must have completed Respect in Sport for Officials.



  • Demonstrate a strong comprehension of all aspects of the sport of cheerleading (or a willingness to learn) and its related rules (IASF Legalities training).

  • Familiarity with execution and technique of stunting, tumbling, and performance cheer through all levels of cheerleading.

  • Ability to remain analytical and unbiased.

  • Has completed the following NCCP courses

    • Decision Making for Officials

    • Skilled Interaction for Officials  

Applicants may be offered judging positions immediately or may be asked to intern at one or more Cheer Manitoba sanctioned events. Interns will be classified as Performance Judges and score sheets will be turned into the Judging Director for evaluation.

Judges who successfully complete training and pass Cheer Canada exams will be eligible to judge in competitions across Canada.

Judges Training

Coming soon.

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