Additional Information 

  • It is mandatory that at least one coach per team is certified to the level they are coaching​.


Additional Information 

  • It is mandatory that at least one coach per team is Certified to the level they are coaching​.

  • Cheer Manitoba will be allowing an age grid exception for the 2019-2020 season. Athletes who are in Grade 8 may be a part of a high school team, and those in Grade 5 may be part of a middle school team so long as the athletes are from the same school (Ex. ABC High School is grades 8-12 or XYZ Middle School is grades 5-8)

  • Cheer Manitoba will be offering an exception to allow registration for Senior Novice.


Additional Information:

  • Performance team age grid will be consistent with the all star & school divisions.


Specialty Divisions are competition opportunities that are in addition to the team routine component of cheerleading. This applies to both all-star and school-based cheerleading.


These specialty routines may be individual, duo or stunt group routines. Individual, duo and trio routines will be a maximum of one minute thirty seconds. Often a competition will offer a certain number of participants from a program to enter the specialty division. Additional training may be required and often these are fun performances to add to the thrill of cheerleading competition.


As athletes progress into higher stages of development, specialty performances are elite stunt groups of 4 or 5 members or partner stunt routines with a male base and female top. Group stunt and partner stunt routines will be a maximum of one minute. These specialty divisions are available all the way from the early stages of cheerleading to World Championship.

Cheer Manitoba Competition Rules

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