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Cheer Manitoba has a comprehensive Accident and Liability Insurance Program for all athletes, coaches, judges, administrators and volunteers who are registered members of our programs.  If you are injured while participating in a Cheer Manitoba program, please review the following information on our insurance policies. 


The Sport Accident Policy provides coverage to current members of Cheer Manitoba when there is a bodily injury resulting directly from a single sports accident. The Sport Accident Insurance Policy does not include coverage for any injury that is determined to have been from the resulting over-use, progressive or pre-existing conditions.

This insurance coverage is an excess payer policy.  Expenses eligible under any other health care plan(s) must be submitted to that plan(s) first.

This policy will pay only the amount of expenses that are not eligible with any other insurer held by the member.

PLEASE NOTE: The rates within the Sport Accident Policy for all therapy will be $50.00 per visit with a maximum of $2,000.00 per accident over a 52-week period from the date of the accident.  This includes physiotherapy, athletic therapy, chiropractor, massage therapy and osteopath. There is also a $100 deductible on therapy and dental claims.



  • An accident is a single happening due to external, violent, sudden, fortuitous causes beyond the Insured’s control. 

  • An injury is a bodily injury suffered by a member caused directly by a single sport accident as described above, independent of any sickness or other causes.


To be eligible to make a claim on the Cheer Manitoba Insurance Program, you must have sustained the injury while participating in one of the below Cheer Manitoba sanctioned programs or activities as a REGISTERED athlete, coach or judge.  All rehabilitation expenses must be first prescribed by a medical doctor in order for the claims to be eligible for coverage.  Your insurer must receive notice of your accident within 30 days of the accident date and receive claim documentation within 90 days. Members in good standing are covered by the policy.

Members are covered when participating within their own programs, at other member programs or when participating at any Cheer Manitoba sanctioned events.

Claim Form

In order to make a claim, please download and fill out the claim form below. 

Completed forms must be sent to Cheer Manitoba:

145 Pacific Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3B 2Z6

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