About Cheer Manitoba


Cheer Manitoba is a non-profit organization, designed to provide a safe, positive, and community minded platform to our athletes, coaches, and programs, to instill in them all of the virtues of our sport.


To develop, guide and support a passionate and unified resource of progressive development, sportsmanship and excellence for ALL members of our Manitoba Cheer community.



  • Integrity - As a guiding principle of the organization, we value and demonstrate integrity, transparency and accountability in all documentation, decisions, actions and interactions.

  • Community - We believe in creating and contributing to a positive community image; Supporting a collaborative atmosphere in which athletes, coaches and programs of all ages and abilities have equal opportunity to learn, grow, celebrate, explore and contribute.

  • Education - With progressive thinking and continuous opportunities for ongoing learning and development, we are committed to grow our sport in a recreational, competitive and professional manner.

  • Safety - We believe that physical, mental and emotional safety is essential for everyone in all aspects in the sport of cheerleading.

  • Leadership - We value, support and recognize positive, dynamic leaders and mentors who demonstrate passion, drive, dedication, innovation and determination in all disciplines and aspects of our sport.

Cheer Manitoba

145 Pacific Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 2Z6


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