Regular Membership 

Regular Membership is open to any school, all-star or motion cheerleading team or program residing in Manitoba. Teams and programs must purchase a regular membership to participate in Cheer Manitoba sanctioned events, to submit rule revisions and to attend/vote at the Annual General Meeting. Each regular membership earns a vote at the Annual General Meeting.


Cheer Manitoba requires a proof of credentialing (for each registered coach) to be submitted in order to be eligible to compete or perform at any Cheer Manitoba sanctioned event. If credentialing was completed through Cheer Manitoba, we will have a copy on file. Proof of Credentialing, Respect in Sport and Cheer Manitoba Code of Conduct is required from at least one coach for every team in order to register. The expectation is that the credentialed coach will be present at practices to ensure safety and growth of our athletes, and at all competitions where the team is competing or performing.

2021-2022 Regular Membership Fees

(Membership expires at the completion of the 2022 AGM)

$60 + GST per program if paid PRIOR TO OCTOBER 1, 2021

$120 + GST per program is paid ON OR AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2021

*Please note: Cheer Manitoba membership fees are set per program not per individual team.

Athlete fees:

  • $6.50 (includes GST & processing fee) per athlete for Cheer Manitoba registration

    • Please note, the Cheer Manitoba Executive have decided that this fee should be the same for all athletes, whether they are All-Star, Dance or Scholastic athletes.​

  • The additional Cheer Canada membership cost varies per participant depending on their level of participation.​

2021-2022 Fees
Competitive Athlete Fee (includes All Star, Prep, Novice, Professional Cheer/Dance (CFL), Performance and Special Abilities)
Recreation, Scholastic, Collegiate and University Athlete Fee
Coach Fee
Judge Fee


Regular members must attach a copy of their insurance policy showing liability coverage.

Membership is not considered valid until all required documents have been received by Cheer Manitoba.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any person(s) (eighteen years of age or older) or organization involved with cheerleading, or a cheerleading supply company who will abide by the objectives and rules. Associate members will obtain all the rights of a regular membership, except the right to vote.


2021-2022 Associate Membership Fees

(Membership expires at the completion of the 2022 AGM)


$20.00 + GST - Individual Associate Member Fee

$60.00 + GST - Organization Associate Member Fee

Out of Province teams can purchase an Associate Membership in order to be eligible for Provincial Awards.