In order to become a certified judge with Cheer Manitoba, you must attend the annual Cheer Manitoba Judges' Training. This training is open to individuals, 18 years of age and up, in order to gain an understanding of the Cheer Manitoba judging process. The Judges Training Curriculum is set forth by Cheer Canada.

Judging applicants must meet the following requirements before submitting an application:

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old.

  • Must have cheerleading experience (athlete, coaching or judging) or relatable experience.

  • Must have attended/plan to attend a Cheer Manitoba Judges' Training.

  • Prospective judges must apply, attend training and pass an examination before being approved as a Manitoba Judge.

  • Cannot be a current coach or parent of a competitive athlete.


Applicants may be offered judging positions immediately or may be asked to intern at one or more Cheer Manitoba sanctioned events. Interns will be classified as Performance Judges and score sheets will be turned into the Judging Director for evaluation.

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