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Credentialing ensures that a coach has the knowledge and experience to teach skills, in a progressive manner, from basic to elite level. The coaches' credentialing program includes a written, oral and practical component. All coaches taking part in Cheer Manitoba events must be credentialed up to the level of their registered team(s). Furthermore, the credentialed coach must be present at all sanctioned Cheer Manitoba events/competitions.

Re-credentialing is required every three years and it is the responsibility of the coach or teacher supervisor to ensure that his/her coach credentials are up-to-date.

Additional Information:

  • Coaches who are credentialing to level 3 or higher are required to complete the Practical Field Form.

  • Written testing is required for all levels. Once the registration form is completed and payment has been received, links for the applicable tests will be emailed out to participants for completion.

  • Credentialing fees include TWO ATTEMPTS to pass each of the applicable written tests. If after the allotted two attempts the candidate has not achieved a passing grade, they may choose to pay to reattempt each test they were unsuccessful in following the required two-week review period. THE WRITTEN EXAM MUST BE TAKEN AND PASSED PRIOR TO ATTEMPTING THE PRACTICAL EXAMINATION.

  • Successful completion of the written tests is a requirement for eligibility to schedule a practical test. A passing grade on all applicable online examinations constitutes the successful completion of the written exam section. The candidate must provide proof of a passing grade on each of their required written tests when requesting to schedule a practical examination. Practical tests MUST OCCUR WITHIN 30 DAYS of the (most recent) successful completion date of the written exams. If a candidate should choose to schedule outside the allowed window, no show their scheduled appointment time, or cancel within 24 hours of an appointment, they will forfeit all fees and will be required to restart the testing process. No refunds will be assessed. Testing fees must be paid PRIOR to testing. Certificates will not be provided if payment has not been received.

  • Those wishing to “Add A Level” to their current credentials must provide proof of valid credentials that were issued in the prior season or sooner. Following a successful completion of testing an updated certificate will be issued to represent the new level(s) of certification with THE SAME EXPIRATION DATE as the original certification.

  • All candidates wishing to “Add A Level” to their current credentials holding valid credentials falling outside of above time frame will be considered a RE-CREDENTIAL and will be tested and charged as such. Upon successful completion a new credentialing certificate will be issued representing an expiration date of 3 years from date of testing.

  • The credentialing facilitators reserve the right to assess extenuating circumstances regarding the above terms on a case-by-case basis.

Cost includes written and practical testing

  • $50 per level

  • $40 per level add on

  • $60 per re-credential to same level (levels 1-4 only)

  • $80 per re-credential to same level (levels 5+ total) 

Written test: 

  • 80% to pass

  • 2 attempts

    • If additional retake is required, must wait a minimum 2 weeks to reattempt and cost is $10.



  • One attempt.

    • If additional retake is required, must wait a minimum 2 weeks to reattempt and cost is $30 per level.​

2024-2025 Credentialing

Credentialing dates will be announced soon.

If you have any questions, please contact the Coaching Director.

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