We are very excited to announce the formation of Team Manitoba. This team will consist of athletes from all over Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario who will compete at the first-ever Canadian Cheerleading Championships in Saskatoon May 18 to 21, 2023.

This is ICU-style cheer which is slightly different from all star cheer. The routine starts with a chant and the routine is performed on a dead floor - no sprung floor. Think Team Canada!

We are excited to have a youth intermediate team and a junior advanced team representing Manitoba at this monumental event! Thank you to all the athletes who applied and also for the support of their parents/caregivers. What an amazing opportunity for all!

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Our Coaches

In late August, we put out a call for coaches looking for individuals excited to take on this amazing opportunity. After reviewing the applications, we have selected your
Team Manitoba coaches!


Brittany Kuz, Head Coach

Kamille Wieler, Assistant Coach

Trielle Davis, Assistant Coach

Lexa Moorhouse, Assistant Coach


Scott Kuz, Head Coach

Bailey Campbell, Assistant Coach

Ryan Daun, Assistant Coach

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Athlete Selection Policy

Here is our Team Manitoba

Athlete Selection Policy.

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We understand that most of these athletes already cheer on other scholastic or all star teams so we will do our best to keep costs as low as possible and will work with the community on fundraisers.


Costs will include (but not limited to):

  • uniforms (option to rent or own)

  • travel costs to Saskatoon

  • accommodations

  • coaches travel fees

  • registration fees

Once the registration fees are released by Cheer Canada, we will share a breakdown of costs.