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restorative justice

Cheer Manitoba Public Statement

To Our Members:

Over the years of growth within the cheerleading community in Manitoba, we have embarked through many seasons of change. Throughout, Cheer Manitoba has remained committed to building on our strengths as a community and identifying areas to improve on. As a board of directors, we knowingly commit to this journey and are aware that it brings with it many challenges.

Globally, the world of sport is forever evolving and we as an organization continue to evolve with it. Our evolution of Safe Sport best practices and policies continues to develop based on the needs of our community and the global sporting community. The next phase of Safe Sport in our community is the implementation of restorative justice. Restorative justice is a way of responding to behaviour by balancing the needs of the community, the victims and the offenders with a focus on restoring relationships.

As Cheer Manitoba works to develop and implement our restorative justice best practices and frameworks over the coming seasons, we implore our cheer community to join us in finding opportunities for positive resolution, compassion, and compatibility. Work with us to create a safe sport culture that sets the standard globally.

Thank you in advance for being an active participant in this important initiative.

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