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Our Background

DateNovember 18th

Time: 830am to 430pm

Where: Sport Manitoba

If you are attending the judge training, please fill out the form:




Hello Cheer Manitoba, for those I haven’t had the pleasure of working with in the past, my name is Corey Skipper. 


I am 34 years old and, outside of the cheerleading world, I work as a project manager for large scale security installs for a Nova Scotia owned company. I enjoy spending my spare time with my 2 dogs and 6 cats. 


I am a Cheer Nova Scotia PTSO Judge Trainer for Cheer Canada, owner and lead programmer of Score-Core Electronic Judging. I have been involved in almost all aspects of cheerleading since 2003 and I still compete on an IO Coed 5 worlds team! 

I have been collaborating with the Cheer Manitoba judges for multiple seasons in different capacities and look forward to training the judges this season!


judge training

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