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National Coaches' Week

September 21 - 29, 2019

National Coaches' Week

Coaches are the back bone of any team. There is so much more to coaching than overseeing a team. Countless hours of research (routines, rules, legalities, competitions, etc.), certification requirements, athlete development, choreography, safety, team building and so much more. National Coaches' Week is your opportunity to thank you coach for everything they do for you, your team, your program and the sport! Exciting news for coaches: As a special treat, NCCP will be offering their ecourses FOR FREE! All you need to do is, head over to and "enroll" in the course to get it free between September 21-29. Once you're registered, you can finish it when you have the time! Don't stop being the awesome, amazing, dedicated humams you are. We appreciate all that you do for your kids, teams and sports. THANK YOU 💙💙 #coachesweek #cheermanitoba #cheermb #wecouldntdoitwithoutyou

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