Credentialing for Cheer Coaches

International Cheer Union Credentialing for Cheer Coaches (Formerly know as USASF Credentialing)
On Saturday, Nov. 19th in Winnipeg

Be sure to complete the required online testing before attempting to do the hands-on testing requirement on the 19th. Links to the written tests are below. Print these completed tests and bring them in for your hands-on testing.

Please contact MAC with the levels that you would like to do your hands-on testing. This needs to be received by Wednesday the 16th at 4PM to properly prepare for the testing day. Anything received later than that will not be accepted.

You will be sent a testing schedule for Sat. the 19th.

If you have any questions, please ask MAC.

UCA State Director: North/South Dakota
UND Cheer and Dance Teams

NEW Credentialing Information for Canada

UPDATED Credentialing Information for Canada. Black Course Credentialing.

All prices will remain the same at this time.

Also any previous credentialing done through the USASF is still good and valid until their expiration.

Here are the links below to the written tests that must be completed before they can complete the hands on portion.

Novice Exam  ( Level 1 )

Intermediate Exam  ( Level 2)

Median Exam ( Level 3)

Advanced Exam ( Level 4)

Elite Exam ( Level 5 )