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There is a New Governing Body in Town

It's official! The Manitoba Association of Cheerleading and the Manitoba Cheer Federation have amalgamated. Going forward, Cheer Manitoba is the sole governing body of cheerleading in the province of Manitoba!

Cheer Manitoba Logo

What does this mean? Growth in our sport throughout the province. Interest in the sport of cheerleading has never been stronger. Hundreds of athletes in Manitoba enjoy the sport at the school, all star or collegiate level. Our mission is to provide long term athlete and coach development programs, effective competition structure, judge and coach education programs, cost effective services and ongoing cheerleading support. Cheer Manitoba continues to move cheerleading further ahead in Manitoba and act as a service organization for the entire Manitoba cheerleading community in conjunction with Cheer Canada. Cheerleading continues to grow as a world wide sport. The world championship team, Team Canada, has inspired many Canadians to work together for the evolution of cheerleading. Cheer Manitoba will be a part of that evolution and will be the leader in cheerleading development in the province of Manitoba. We look forward to working with you throughout the 2019-2020 inaugural season and are excited for the future of cheerleading in this province!

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