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Provincial Guidelines Update - March 4, 2021

The official Public Health orders have been released by the Province of Manitoba and this is what it means for our sport at this time:

  • We can return to group practices with a maximum of 10 athletes participating in a group. Please remember while coaches do not count for the 10 athletes, it does count towards this 25% capacity of the space.

  • Multiple groups can practice at the same time but they can not intermingle or intersect. Maximum capacity of 25% of practice space can not be exceeded. Coaches do not count in the 10 but they do count in the capacity of the space.

  • No stunting or pyramids at this time.

  • Masks must be worn by everyone in the building.

  • Contact tracing records must be filled out and kept for a minimum of 21 days. This form must be used.

  • Records of groups need to be available in the event of a positive case.

  • Covid Screening questions must be asked and responses recorded on contact tracing sheet.

  • Temperatures must be taken upon entry. This step shows our diligence. Please do not record the temperature, just note if it’s in the normal range. If it is not in the normal range, do not admit to your facility.

  • Capacity must be clearly marked at the entrance to your facility, so it is easily viewed prior to entry.

  • Covid-19 Information/questions must be posted at the entrance and/or at the table to sign the contact tracing form.

  • All Covid 19 cleaning and sanitization protocols must be strictly adhered to.

Cheer Manitoba will do periodic site inspections to ensure all guidelines are being followed. We are working with Sport Manitoba for some clarification on when we will be able to stunt /pyramid. We will update you as soon as we know.

Please continue to voice your opinions in the surveys sent out by the Provincial Government. Sport Manitoba has made it clear that the survey is the main conduit to voice concerns (stronger than the voice that Sport Manitoba has).

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